Lockey Replacement Spindles

Lockey Replacement Spindles
Price: $7.00
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Lockey Replacement Spindles

To Choose the Correct Replacement Spindle you will need to know your Lockey Model Number. If you cannot locate the model number or figure it out call us and we'll be happy to help. You can also send us a picture of your lock using the contact us link.

Standard Spindle - If you have any of the C-Series, M-Series, 3000 Series, the 2210. 2200, 2230, or 2500
1000 Series - If you have the 1150 or 1600 Lock
2800 Series - If you have the 2830 or 2835 Lock
2930/85 Series - If you have the 2930 or the 2985 Lock

Important Notes:
We will ship you the long spindle that will fit both the Single and Double Sided (DC) versions of your lock. 
If your 2835 or 1600 Lock was purchased before 2016, please call us as the new spindles may not fit your older style lock. We will help you figure out which one you need. 
If you have a Key Override Lock where the Spindle is Attached to the Keyway you cannot replace the spindle and Need to Buy a New Lock Body.